The IAG Moment Tensor Project


The Instituto Andaluz de Geofísica (IAG) of Granada University performs time-domain moment-tensor inversion of complete 3-component broad-band waveforms to estimate the size, depth, and faulting geometry of earthquakes throughout the Ibero-Maghreb region, including the Iberian Peninsula and the surrounding offshore areas as well as the northern parts of Algeria and Morocco. This region is situated at the convergent African-Eurasian plate boundary and characterised by a diffuse distribution of seismicity and predominately low-to-moderate energy events (Mw<5.5).

Only few events are included in routine near-real-time moment tensor projects on global scale (magnitude threshold Mw 5.5; Harvard CMT project and USGS moment tensor project ) and European-Mediterranean scale (magnitude threshold Mw 4.5; ETH Zürich moment tensor project and MedNet regional CMT project ).Imagen en la que se muestra un mapa de la Península Ibérica y el norte de África

The IAG moment tensor project aims at including the more frequent small to moderate events in the region (at present mb 3.5). This expands the regional source parameter database and allows validating previous moment tensor solutions as well as conventional focal mechanism solutions based on polarities and peak amplitudes. Event analysis starts 1995 (except the 1980s temporary NARS experiment), however before summer 1997 the station coverage permits only a small number of solutions.

The complete results are available from this web site for seismological, tectonic and geodynamic studies. IAG solutions are processed manually and are double-checked by dislocation grid-search modelling. We intend to post new solutions on this web site within months after an event (last update: May 2005).

The IAG regional moment tensor is partially founded by the DGI proyect REN2002-04198-C02-01 and by the EU

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