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Revistas Internacionales

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  • 2021:

Parera-Portell J.A., FdL Mancilla, J. Morales, J. Almendros & V. Jiménez-Morales (2021). Structure of the crust and upper mantle beneath the Bransfield Strait (Antarctica) using P receiver functions. Tectonophysics, 802, 228744.

López-Comino, J. A., Braun, T., Dahm, T., Cesca, S. and Danesi, S. (2021). On the source parameters and genesis of the 2017, Mw 4 Montesano earthquake in the outer border of the Val d’Agri oilfield (Italy), Front. Earth Sci.,

Cesca, S., Valenzuela-Malebrán, C., López-Comino, J. A., Davis, T., Tassara, C., Oncken, O. and Dahm, T. (2021). The 2014 Juan Fernández microplate earthquake doublet: evidence for large thrust faulting driven by microplate rotation Tectonophysics, 801, 228720,

Martínez, V. L., Titos, M., Benítez, C., Badi, G., Casas, J. A., Craig, V. H. O., & Ibáñez, J. M. (2021). Advanced signal recognition methods applied to seismo-volcanic events from Planchon Peteroa Volcanic Com/plex: Deep Neural Network classifier. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 107, 103115.

  • 2020:

Stich D., Martín R., Morales J., López-Comino J.A. and FdeL Mancilla (2020). Slip Partitioning in the 2016 Alboran Sea Earthquake Sequence (Western Mediterranean). Front. Earth Sci., 8, 587356.

Palgunadi, K. H., Gabriel, A.-A., Ulrich, T., López-Comino, J. A. and Mai, P. M. # item(2020). Dynamic fault interaction during a fluid-injection induced earthquake: The 2017 Mw 5.5 Pohang event, Bull. Seismol. Soc. Am. 110(5):2328-2349.

Negredo A.M., FdL Mancilla, C. Clemente, J. Morales and J. Fullea (2020). Geodynamic Modeling of Edge-Delamination Driven by Subduction-Transform Edge Propagator Faults: The Westernmost Mediterranean Margin (Central Betic Orogen) Case Study. Front. Earth Sci., 8, 533392.

Almendros J., W. Wilcock D. Soulec, T. Teixidó, L. Vizcaíno, O. Ardanaza, J.L. Granja-Bruña, D. Martín-Jiménez, X. Yuan, B. Heit, M.C. Schmidt-Aursch, W. Geissler, R. Dziak, F. Carrión, A. Ontiveros, R. Abella, E. Carmona, J.F. Agüí-Fernández, N. Sánchez, I. Serrano, R. Davoli, Z. Krauss, M. Kidiwela, L. Schmahl (2020). BRAVOSEIS: Geophysical investigation of rifting and volcanism in the Bransfield strait, Antarctica. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 104, 102834.

Melchor, I., J. Almendros, R. Carniel, K.I. Konstantinou, M. Hantusch & A. Caselli (2020). On data reduction methods for volcanic tremor characterization: the 2012 eruptio/n of Copahue volcano, Southern Andes. Earth Planets Space 72, 134 (2020).

Prudencio, J., and Manga (2020). 3D attenuation structure of Long Valley caldera imaged with the coda normalization method. Geophys. J. Int., 220, 1677–1686.

Millares M. , H. A. Chikh, M. Habi, B. Morsli, J. P. Galve, J. V. Perez-Peña & W. Martín-Rosales (2020). Seasonal patterns of suspended sediment load and erosion-transport assessment in a Mediterranean basin. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 65(6).

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M. Camafort, J.V. Pérez-Peña, G. Booth-Rea, F. Melki, E. Gràcia, J.M. Azañón, J.P. Galve, W. Marzougui, S. Gaidi, C.R. Ranero (2020). Active tectonics and drainage evolution in the Tunisian Atlas driven by interaction between crustal shortening and mantle dynamics. Geomorphology, 351, 106954.

García L. , G. Alguacil, M. Titos , O. Cocina, A. De la Torre, and C. Benítez (2020). Automatic S-Phase Picking for Volcano-Tectonic Earthquakes Using Spectral Dissimilarity Analysis. IEEE Geosci. Remote Sens. Lett., 17 (5), 874-878.

A. Bueno, C. Benítez, S. De Angelis, A. Díaz Moreno and J. M. Ibáñez, (2020) Volcano-Seismic Transfer Learning and Uncertainty Quantification With Bayesian Neural Networks. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol. 58, no. 2, pp. 892-902,

Ibáñez J.M., I. Castro-Melgar, O. Cocina, L. Zuccarello, S. Branca, E. Del Pezzo, J. Prudencio (2020). First 2-D intrinsic and scattering attenuation images of Mt Etna volcano and surrounding region from active seismic data. Geophysical Journal International, 220(1), 267–277.

Cuenca-Moyano, G. M., Martín-Pascual, J., Martín-Morales, M., Valverde-Palacios I., & Zamorano, M. (2020). Effects of water to cement ratio, recycled fine aggregate and air entraining/plasticizer admixture on masonry mortar properties. Construction and Building Materials, 230

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Del Pezzo, E., & Ibáñez, J. M. (2020). Seismic Coda-Waves Imaging Based on Sensitivity Kernels Calculated Using an Heuristic Approach. Geosciences, 10(8), 304.

  • 2019:

Bueno A., A. Díaz-Moreno, S. De Angelis, C. Benítez, J. M. Ibañez (2019); Recursive Entropy Method of Segmentation for Seismic Signals. Seismological Research Letters ; 90 (4): 1670–1677.

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Cuenca-Moyano, G. M.; Martin-Pascual J.; Martin-Morales M.; Valverde-Palacios I.; Zamorano M. (2020). Effects of water to cement ratio, recycled fine aggregate and air entraining/plasticizer admixture on masonry mortar properties. Construction and Building Materials, 230, 116929.

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